After You Hire Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Okay so you found the perfect or so you think SEO Consultant! Now what will happen?

Well if you truly found an SEO Consultant that really knows their stuff you will soon have your business phone ringing with new clients and or customers.  In fact as you receive the calls be sure to ask them how they found you.  You may be surprised at how many say your website.

Now if you do not have a phone that is ringing you may need to check a little bit into your reports that are being provided by your Austin SEO Consultant.  The reports are probably long and have a ton of information you don’t need to read or have the time to figure out.  Bottom line is you want to check your keyword rankings.  Now, moving up in the rankings is a good sign that yes you do have a good seo consultant but you can move up in rankings and still not gain new customers.  Why would that be?

Well, not all keyword rankings are worth perusing or keyword that your clients are using.  You could very well have a website rank very well for keywords and still the phone isn’t ringing.  A really good Austin seo consultants would take a look at that and then be able to adjust their original plan.  Also, a good search engine optimization consultant or agency would be able to look at your website and make sure it is optimized for phone calls or filling out  your form.  Each website should have a call to action and that means the Austin consultant would need to make sure the people who land on your page for particular keywords are actually a good fit for your company.

A great Search Engine Consultant will be able to go over their original plan and revise any paths or decisions they have made.  And bottom line the main goal and most important mile marker by far for any business owner is to be able to weigh any new clients verses their seo fees.  If you won’t see a return on investment you may need to rethink your SEO agency decisions.  Bottom line even with flowery beautiful reports you  need to be able to track your new clients.  And for most business owners this is simple to figure out if you do or don’t have new clients.

If you have hired an Austin SEO Consultant and the phone is ringing with new clients you have found a great one and you better keep them happy as they will increase your business by far!

If you have hired a search engine consultant firm and you don’t have any new clients you may want to think about this article a bit more and do some homework on the company that you hired.