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Google Places Updates

It is imperative to stay in tune with Google Places and their changes, amendments and updates.  Google is constantly changing and never static so if you don’t keep up with the latest rules and regulations you will find yourself in trouble or at the bottom of the search engines.  Either way you loose. Lately the Google team has been a little more active in penalizing companies for rule violations.  If you have been penalized Google doesn’t send you an email or a red warning flag.  In fact when you are penalized many don’t realize they were flagged.  One obvious indication is when your dashboard […]

Who Has the Time to Live and Breathe Google Places?

The truth is if you are going to rank well in local seo you need to have a Google Places account.  But setting up a profile and paying attention to all of the rule changes and tips is entirely different.  To keep up to date with Google Places you need to live and breathe it and who has the time for that?  Everyone knows by now that SEO is an entire job all on its own and you can’t keep up with all of your SEO needs and run your business unless you don’t need to sleep. If you want […]

How Do I Get to the Top of Google?

This has to be the most asked question of my life time.  But if I told you the answer I might have to kill you! Okay, so I wouldn’t really kill you!  I hear the question through out the day almost every single day.  What would being at the top of Google mean to you and to your business? Do you have a website that is buried in the Search Engines? Are you able to find your website typing in keywords that your clients use to search for you?  Believe it or not small to medium sized businesses are beginning […]
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Is Google Reducing the Local Search Results?

In the last few weeks I have noticed a change in local search results that has some wondering if Google intends to reduce the local search space. I noticed a search term went from displaying 7 local results to showing only 4 local results. You will often hear SEO junkies refer to this as a 7 pack or a 4 pack. The term I have been following is Austin Plumbing. About two weeks ago this search term went from a 7 pack to a 4 pack. It appears Google has tightened the local maps to include fewer businesses. This change […]

Social Media Now Ranks Higher In Organic Search

Social Media shared content now ranks higher in organic search results.  Both Google and Bing have “Real Time” search results meaning they have added Twitter and Google+ to their organic search results and it is on top.  This is a strong indicator of the strength and importance of social media in the current search engine algorithms.  In the last few months we have seen the search engines infusing math with people’s opinions and the search engines becoming more social. If you are signed into your Google account while you surf the web then you are receiving tailored search results to your […]
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