What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO allows your website to be found for certain keywords and phrases in search engines without paying the search engines for the placement.  Organic SEO also allows you to retain your position for a long time since your website is giving search engines all of the right signals for those keywords or phrases.  Here is an image to better describe Organic SEO.

Google has verified that 80% of customers click on Organic SEO results and only 20% click on the paid advertisements known as click ads.  Organic SEO helps build natural authority on your website that results in natural higher rankings in search engines.

Internet SEO Consultants use a variety of Organic SEO best practices to achieve results such as:

  •  On-page website  Search Engine Optimization:  Most of the websites we analyze for on-page SEO are lacking many of the most important SEO features.  We often begin to see results when on-page optimization is utilized correctly on your website.
  • Link Building:  Many websites are missing quality back links to their website and, without back links, it is impossible to rank for most keywords.
We utilize many other SEO tools to make it easy for customers to find your company online. Unlike many competitors, our search engine placement techniques will help you keep your rankings longer. Many methods in use today in the search engine optimization industry are for quick gains.
Below is a heat map with eye tracking that helps us actually see why it is important to be at the top of Google naturally or any other search engine.  The red area is where most people are looking when browsing the search engine. Also notice the fading interest in the pay per click ad area.
If you are interested in a free SEO consultation, please fill out the form below and answer as many of the questions as you can. We use this information to study your market, competitors and your current SEO needs. We like to dig deep to get your full SEO picture so we can recommend the best search engine optimization path for your website.