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Would You Pay for Good Reviews?

The internet is buzzing the last few days with statistics stating 1/3 of all internet reviews are fake.  I am not shocked by that percentage but I have to wonder if as a business owner you feel buying good reviews is a good idea? It is common knowledge that we need reviews for SEO purposes as well as business purposes.  When a client looks you up on the internet and see you have reviews the odds are they are going to read them before they make a decision to purchase from you or hire you for your services.  I take […]
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Google+ Page Verification

It is now possible to verify your Google+ business page.  When you go to your business page you will notice the words, Unverified next to your company name.  Simply click the unverified and you will have the option to verify your business.  You will be asked to select your business and then Google will mail you a post card with a PIN number. Once you receive the post card you can log in and supply the PIN number and your Google+ business page is verified. There is still a lot of work that Google needs to do and release to combine […]
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Review Tips

Reviews, reviews and more reviews.  In my last post I talked about diversifying your reviews just in case something goes really wrong.  Of course reviews are a very slippery slope sometimes and it is possible you will collect a few bad reviews along the way.  Often if I take a look at reviews of a business and I only see five star glowing reports I often think they are fake reviews.  In fact if you see a few not so good reviews mixed in that is what to me is a genuine experience.  Let’s face it we are all different and what I […]
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Diversify Your Reviews

Recently it was brought to my attention the importance of diversifying your reviews on more than just one review site.  Why? Well, technology is technology and we can expect bugs, issues and the loss of data from time to time.  So if you have all of your clients placing their reviews on one review site who is to say those reviews won’t get lost or deleted one day?  In seconds all of your hard work is just gone. It is very wise to accumulate good reviews of your business from your clients.  You need to make sure your clients are aware […]
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Apple Dives into Local Search

If local search is important to your business you may want to pay attention to the big Apple announcement.  Earlier this month Apple announced a new map app for the new iOS 6.  But what does that have to do with your local business? The map app will support local search features so you can use your iPhone to search for local establishments among many other features.  We have all heard that the use of smart phones and tablets are on the rise so you need to be sure your local business is listed in the new iOS 6 map […]
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Do You Have Content?

The content on your website tells your visitors and the search engine what you have to offer.  How much content do you have on your website?  If you have less than 150 words on your home page you need to add more content.  But what kind of content do you add? Always remember your clients read your content and so do search engines.  The content on your website helps the search engines to file your website into the appropriate categories and rank your website. You need to build your content around your top 5 import keywords or keyword phrases.  If your keyword […]
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Google Places Morphs Into Google Plus Local

On May 30, 2012 your Google Places page morphed into a Google Plus Local page.  All 80 million Google Places pages now have a Google+ Local business page.  For now everyone has their original Google Places page and they also have a Google+ page.  Eventually in the next six months the Google Places page will be phased out completely.  It’s time to learn more about Google+ and how to optimize your page for clients and search engines. For now you can make changes to your new Google+ page by logging into your original Google Places page dashboard.  Some of the biggest […]
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Stop Whining and Rank

Stop whining and lets get to work and rank your website! Most of my clients have hired an SEO specialist in the past and they are not ranking well for their key terms.  In fact they are even trying to rank for key words that won’t drive them traffic. I have clients that have paid for SEO services for over a year and they still are not ranking on Google.  Most often then not I do my seo analysis and realize the client isn’t ranking because the SEO specialist they hired didn’t do anything to get the site to […]
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Video SEO Case Study

What is Video SEO? You placed your video in Youtube now what? When you search for your keywords in YouTube does your video appear on the first page?  If not then you might want to pay attention. YouTube is the second largest search engine.  If you have your videos uploaded you might as well take the time to SEO your video! We are working on a Video SEO Case Study. We picked a video and then worked on SEO techniques to see if we could get the video to rank on the first page of YouTube for a specific keyword and then […]
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Home Depot SEO Mistake

Even top brands can get caught up in the mad race we all call SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  A letter that was released by Home Depot to 2,000 of their service providers read in part: The Home Depot is in the process improving our online advertising efforts for our installation services. We are using our brand authority and marketing power to increase traffic to our site and convert customers. We would like to extend this benefit to all of our business partners and are requesting that you add a link on your site to relative key words that will […]
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