On May 30, 2012 your Google Places page morphed into a Google Plus Local page.  All 80 million Google Places pages now have a Google+ Local business page.  For now everyone has their original Google Places page and they also have a Google+ page.  Eventually in the next six months the Google Places page will be phased out completely.  It’s time to learn more about Google+ and how to optimize your page for clients and search engines.

For now you can make changes to your new Google+ page by logging into your original Google Places page dashboard.  Some of the biggest changes are you can no longer upload videos and the post to place page is no longer functioning.  Zagat scoring system was adopted and you will no longer see the five star ratings.  Clients are now able to post a review using your Google+ Local page or the Zagat page.  Zagat scores are considered to be the following:

26-30 Extraordinary to perfection
21-25 Very good to excellent
16-20 Good to very good
10-15 Fair to good
0-9 Poor to fair

For now your Google+ Local Page does not have the capabilities of all of the social features that you see on Google+ for now! This is the first change of many to come.  Eventually the full features of Google+ will be rolled out for Google+ Local.  This is exciting for business owners because it will allow you to become more social and have a more interactive business listing.

For now most of the changes are consumer based but bigger change are on the way for business owners.  I will update this post as I learn of new features and changes to the Google+ Local Page.