What Is An Austin SEO Expert?

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Okay, there has been a ton of talk between SEO Consultants and SEO Experts!  You can argue about it all day but the point is if you are not getting results from your current search engine optimization company then I don’t think you are dealing with an Austin SEO Expert.

What can an search engine optimization expert do for your company? Plain and simple they will increase your business.  It isn’t a complicated process to gauge results.  You are either gaining new clients are you are not.  And if you are not then you are defiantly not getting a return on your investment.  Bottom line the big seo consultants can send you all of the big flowery reports each month and talk about how great they are and how they are the number 1 expert in Austin but are you really gaining new clients?

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Business owners are busy and they don’t  have time to check up on their SEO Agency.  Even if a business owner has time to check up on the consultants they don’t really know what they are looking for.  To make matters worse you have supposedly great SEO companies doing all kind of weird search engine optimization that will eventually get their clients penalized.

Here is an article from Google News about SEO: http://tech.co/anne-ward-win-seo-battlefield-2017-03

Finding an Austin SEO Expert doesn’t have to be hard but it can be complicated for a business owner if they are busy running their own company.  You can reach out to an expert that offers a free consultation and get an idea of what they are about and if you like their view points on their services.


How to Hire An Austin SEO Expert


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We do have one company that we would recommend that as an Austin SEO experts and you can check them out by clicking on their link.  We only look for the best and try to find the agencies that are actually gaining new clients for their customers.  Anyone can say they are an consultant or expert but only the top 10% actually get results for their clients.  We find that statistic a bit shocking.

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You Hired Austin SEO Experts and Nothing Happened!

Published on “I hired an Austin SEO Company or Search Engine Optimization Consultant and they didn’t increase my business.” Every single one of my clients have already hired one or more Austin SEO Experts before hiring me and they are sure the Austin SEO Company didn’t help their business and in fact most clients are not sure what the SEO company did at all.